Payroll Officer/مسؤول رواتب

Al Rashed Cement
قامت هذه الشركة بإلغاء هذه الوظيفة ولم تعد نشطة, لذلك لن يتم قبول أي تقدم طلب عليها
تفاصيل عن الوظيفة
المجال المهني
البناء / إسمنت / معادن
المجال الوظيفي:
الموارد البشرية
مجموع المناصب:
نوع الوظيفة:
دوام كامل ( دوام صباحي‎ )
Al-Rashed Cement
مكان العمل:
الخبر, المملكة العربية السعودية
المستوى الوظيفي:
موظف مهني
التعليم :
شهادة بكالوريوس
الحد الأدنى من الخبرة:
3 سنوات
متطلبات السفر:
غير مطلوب
رخصة العمل:
المملكة العربية السعودية
آخر تاريخ للتقديم :
١٧ مايو ٢٠٢٢
تاريخ النشر:
١٧ فبراير ٢٠٢٢
المهارات المطلوبة

Policies, Processes & Procedures:

  • Follow and monitor adherence to departmental policies, procedures and controls covering all areas of Payroll so that relevant procedural/legislative requirements are fulfilled

Payroll Support:

  • Follow up on any payroll changes made by the different departments and review the information to check that the payroll coordinator updated it accordingly
  • Review calculations relating to vacations, end-of service and loans given to employees to avoid mismatches and incorrect transactions
  • Enter encashment, loans and other similar operations into the system as directed by the manager
  • Answer payroll related inquiries made by employees where appropriate and refer complex issues to manager


  • Receive relevant tickets and process the transactional demands relating to payroll under the supervision of the manager
  • Dispatch any other tickets related to payroll to the appropriate authority for processing

Change Management:

  • Support the management of change through continuous recommendations for the improvement of Payroll administration based on identified areas of improvement in dealing with governmental entities


  • Prepare a time management report and follow-up with departments to ensure that the calculations are correct

Related Assignments:

  • Perform other related duties or assignments as directed